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For those of you who have known us through the years - these first two are the original tapes we made with the older children back in 1993 and 1995. We often hear from people wanting another tape because theirs has worn out or been damaged. Here is the music for free. Just download it and burn it on a CD.

In August 2004 we made the third one while the kids were home. It is Teresa, Seth, Sarah, and Ryan (Sarah's husband) doing the singing.

What Would I Do Without Jesus?

 1. Beyond the Sunset
 2. He's My Guide
 3. My Lord Keeps a Record
 4. I Just Want to Thank You Lord
 5. Lean on Me
 6. What Would I Do Without Jesus?
 7. Peter Do You Love Me?
 8. Thanks for Loving Me
 9. Arise My Soul Arise
10. He Was Wounded for My Transgressions
11. I Want Us to Be Together In Heaven

He Satisfies

 1. Treasures Money Can't Buy
 2. Heaven Knows It Must
 3. He Satisfies
 4. It's All Right
 5. The Mind of Christ
 6. Vessel of Mercy
 7. A Way In a Manger
 8. Gloria en La Cruz
 9. Su Nombre es Cristo
10. Protegido Estoy

Heaven Knows It Must

 1. The Lifeboat
 2. How Deep the Father's Love
 3. Broken Things
 4. Come Unto Me
 5. Beyond the Sunset
 6. The Changing Blood
 7. There Is Power In Prayer
 8. What Love
 9. Heaven Knows It Must
10. He's God He Has Not Changed
11. There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood
12. House of Gold